A unique Place


The area of Meteora is located at the northwestern edge of the plain of Thessaly, in central Greece, near Pinios river and Pindos mountain.

It is a landscape of a unique beauty and a place of an important monastic tradition.
Meteora is a complex of rocks, it is a geological phenomenon, impressive and unique. Also it is a very important center of monasticism, of the Orthodox christian church.
During the 14th century the first monasteries were organized on the rocks of Meteora and in the 16th century they were 24 communities.
Today the monastic area of Meteora is an active religious center. There are six monasteries, all active and all open to public.
Since 1989 METEORA is on the list of UNESCO about the monuments of the world heritage.
A visit to the monasteries can start from the town of Kalambaka or even the small village of Kastraki.

For information about Meteora, call the tour guide Dina Papaefthimiou: (0030)693 71 55 998